Saturday, October 2, 2010

3 months

Wow, I can't believe I've been married for 1/4 of a year already! Time has gone by so fast! One thing we've been realizing lately is that we have such a FUN life! Of course, it's filled with the normal work and bills and not-so-fun adult stuff, but we really try to fill our weekends with fun things. This summer has been the best of my whole life. Here are just a few of the things we've done:

There was of course, our fabulous honeymoon in Vegas!

A family reunion with Ian's family up at Pineview reservoir. (My first time on a water weenie)

(That's all the pictures you get because, well, we didn't take any...)

Swiss days up in Midway for Mom's birthday.

A weekend in Pocatello/Blackfoot ID, for the fair. Another first: demolition derby. So. Much. Fun!

Mom and Dad giving us an AWESOME suite up at Snowbird for our birthdays and making us want to snowboard SO BAD!

So that's life in a nutshell for us. It really is so great to be married to my best friend, and to know that what we have will last forever. Every day he proves to me how amazing he is and what a great decision I made in marrying him. I can't wait to see what crazy adventures life brings us next!

Just a thought

I got off work early the other day, and rather than going home to my empty apartment for half an hour before I had to go pick Ian up from work, I decided to go spend a beautiful afternoon sitting in the park. With this spur of the moment decision in mind, I realized all I had with me to keep busy was my crochet hook and some yarn. So, I sat down on a bench in the shade and started to crochet. A few people kind of gave me some funny looks. (I imagine a twenty-something girl sitting by herself in the park crocheting would look rather odd.) Some just kind of smiled and went on their way. There was one lady who stopped however, and with a big smile on her face, asked what I was making. I told her it was a beanie, showed her a couple of the ones I had already finished, and she excitedly responded by telling me how beautiful she thought they were, and that the recipients would be very lucky. I smiled and thanked her, and she went on her way. I don't think it really even occurred to her how that simple compliment made me feel. To be appreciated by a complete stranger. I contemplated it even more that day, and wondered what would happen if we all tried a little bit harder to be kinder to strangers. Even if it's as simple as thanking someone for holding a door open for you. I think it could go a long way...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Happy birthday!

Cori: I have the best mom ever. It seems like the older I get, the more I understand how much you love us and how many sacrifices you made (and still make every day) so that we could be the best and have the best. You have taught me how to be a better wife and homemaker, and made this crazy transition in my life so much easier. I think the reason the four of us are such great friends as well as siblings is because of your influence. You will always be remembered in my mind as someone who loves her husband, and her kids. Thanks so much for being such a great example. I love you!

Megan: I've realized what a great job Mom has done teaching her kids how to be good people. One memory I have of my mom is when she took me to see Hairspray. On the drive home, we just talked and joked and laughed about life. Mom has always been my rock, even when I wasn't quite ready to hear what she had to say. Even when we disagree, I know she's still there. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

Ian: She knows how to make Taco Ring.

Jillian: When I was about 3 mom and I were in her room watching ice skaters on TV. I told mom I thought all the skaters were really thin. And then, being the little whipper snapper that I was, I told her that the only thing thin on her was her lips! We've laughed about that ever since. Thanks for being such a great mom and having a sense of humor with us. Happy Birthday! I love you!

Hope you have a great day today! We love you!!

love, Your kiddos

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1 month

Wow! I've been married for over a month. I can hardly believe it. Marriage is a BIG adjustment, but one Ian and I have both loved. It's an incredible feeling to be married to your best friend. Let me catch you up picture wise on what's been going on in our lives:

These are from the night of my endowments on June 22, 2010. It was such an incredible experience. It was such an amazing feeling to be in the Lord's house with so many family and friends close by. I think I started to realize what everyone means when they tell you how important the temple is, and why everything we do in the church leads there.

With my in-laws. (don't you love the matching skirts?)
I didn't expect my Aunt Lisa to be there but I'm so glad she came.
It's so great to have her be such an important part of my life.
It's such an amazing feeling to have the love of your life take you to the temple.

Here's a few of my favorites from our actual wedding. All in all we ended up with about 1,100 pictures so it's hard to narrow down, but I'll do my best. It was absolutely beautiful! Everyone who helped really outdid themselves! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting.
The ring ceremony right before the reception

The wedding party. Love these guys!
The Famdamily

Shoving cake in my face (of course!)

Love this picture of Grandma and Grandpa.
So cute and in love after 22 years!

And my favorite one of the group!!

There's more pictures but the uploader thing is being annoying so I'm gonna end it here for now and post some more later. Chau

Monday, July 12, 2010


It's been far too long since I've posted anything. It's high time I put some pictures up! Here are a few of my bridals taken by my fabulous in-laws. You can see more of their work here.

Monday, May 31, 2010

25 days!

To do:

-Get invitations printed
-Address and send out invitations
-Get a marriage license
-Switch insurance
-Get Ian's ring
-Get Ian's suit
-Get my dressed cleaned and pressed
-Scan pictures for the wedding video
-Arrangements for dinner on wedding day
-Paint for our kitchen table

And those are just the ones I thought of this morning. Looks like it's going to be a busy month! Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I decided with the wedding only a few weeks away that it was time to redo the blog a little bit and make it "ours" instead of just "mine". (Although we all know that it'll be me posting 99.9% of the time, but he may surprise us) We got our engagements back and I love them! I really have the most talented in-laws! Here are a few of my favorites:

Fun huh? I like them. A lot in fact. Right now I'm just counting down the days and getting more and more stressed as it approaches, but that's normal right? We found an apartment in Orem that I love and things seem to be falling into place quite nicely. Once I'm married I'll have more exciting things to blog about like all my cool recipes when I cook dinner (Ok, when Ian cooks dinner...) and... well, ya know... married people stuff. 30 days friends! I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An update of sorts

Hi all! I'm actually not really sure if this gets read or if I'm writing for my own peace of mind, but it works either way, right? Right. Anyway, things are going really well. Like REALLY well! It's one of those times where I can't even think of one thing that's wrong. I finished my externship at North Valley Pediatrics in American Fork, and they offered me a job for the summer! It's only part-time, but hey, I'll take it! Ian also got... I guess you could call it a promotion. He's working on commission now and has the potential to make double what he made before. Um, wow! I couldn't be happier. Wedding plans are going well. It seems like I start to get close to being done planning and I turn around and I have more to do, but that's okay. I'm having fun planning for the best day of my life. We got my dress a few weeks ago. It was one of those "I put it on and knew it was the one" kind of moments, and I'm thrilled about it. I'll look amazing that day, even if I can't lift my arms above my head... :)

We've had a couple of fun weekends away over the past little while. Unfortunately, I'm a total loser and didn't take any pictures! The last weekend in April we headed out to Wendover, NV. I know, exciting right? We actually did have a lot of fun, and I introduced Ian to the exciting world of penny slots. Luck was definitely not our friend that night though, because what money we did win, went straight back into the slot machine... Ah well, I guess that is the point, right?

Kind of an older picture, but you get the idea

The first weekend in May, we headed down to sunny St. George for a baby blessing. We had a great weekend soaking up the sun and watching the Ironman race through the center of town. The participants started at 6 AM with a 2.4-mile swim in the brisk 54 degree waters of Sand Hollow Reservoir, immediately followed by a 112-mile bike ride through southern Utah, and is if that wasn't brutal enough, a marathon right after. I couldn't do it, that's for sure. It was moving to watch the determination of all those athletes. What a fun day!

Thank goodness for google image search, right? I pulled these off of

And just in case you're interested in seeing pictures of my cute little cousin who was blessed on Sunday, go here.

We took our engagements on Saturday. I have to admit, I wasn't too thrilled when I saw the raw, unedited frames at first, but my in-laws have worked their magic and they look great! I'll post some when they're all done.

Can I just tell you, the most exciting part about all of this is knowing that I get to be married to my best friend. I really couldn't ask for anything more in a fiance. We get in arguments all the time about who's better or who does more for whom but I think deep down he knows that he wins that contest. :) I would tell all you single ladies out there to go find a guy like Ian, but I'm pretty sure he's one of a kind. Sorry... You'll just have to settle for 2nd best. (Is that mean?) He just... gets me. It's kind of hard to explain. I feel like he's able to read my emotions and respond perfectly. There have been lots of times where I'll go to say something, and he'll finish my thought for me. That's just how great he is, and how lucky I am to be a part of his life.

I freaking love this guy!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just some pictures

Here are some pics we took a couple weeks ago at my future mother-in-law's birthday party. Both his parents and his sister are professional photographers and have a studio right in their house! If you want to see more of their work, go here.

Me and my him.
Have you ever been in a family picture with your future in-laws while you're engaged?
Seriously one of the funnest things ever!

The rock

I finally got my ring! (Ok, so I've had it for about 2 weeks now, I just haven't blogged about it.) I can't even tell you how much I love it! The center diamond was originally round but I wanted the princess cut so we had it changed. Ian and I were both pretty nervous about it, but in the end it turned out GREAT! I'm so excited that I get to wear it on my hand for the rest of my life and I love what it represents. The fact that I get to spend the rest of eternity with my best friend. :) I love him.

TA DA!!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Corian Adventures

So, I'm not doing so hot with this whole blog posting thing. It's been a good month and a half. I've been busy with wedding plans, job hunting, my externship at North Valley Pediatrics in AF, and of course hanging out with my amazing fiancé. We've been doing lots of fun things, but not taking lots of pictures (I know, his family would be ASHAMED!). We did go to the festival of Colors down at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple in Spanish Fork with our friends Braden and Lexi. It was so crazy! We were covered from head to toe in pink chalk. I had no idea there would be so much. It was basically a cloud of color that covered us for about 2 minutes. Here's some pictures:

Me after all the colors. That shirt was white when I started...

Lexi, Braden, Me, Ian after all the throwing.

We were shocked at how much there was! It was CRAZY!

The 4 of us in the crowd.

Everyone getting covered in color!

Good times! good times!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


So after months of sappy posts about how much I can't wait to see Ian, he's finally home!! And can I just tell you, wow! It's been the best four days! I was super nervous starting about the week before he came home. I was worried that the relationship we had through emails and the relationship we would have in person wouldn't be the same. I realized less than 24 hours after I first saw him how silly it was to worry. Everything was exactly as I imagined it, only about 20,000 times better.

Wednesday morning started out bright and early (6:30 to be exact) with a stomach full of butterflies. I can't remember a time in my life when I felt so nervous! I was literally shaking from head to toe. I spent the morning getting ready and wanting time to pass quickly. Finally, after what seemed like about 20 years, it was time to leave for the airport. We waited outside of security, again for what seemed like years, but really ended up only being about 30 minutes or so. We were surrounded by a whole bunch of people who were waiting for people he served with. It was funny to look around at all the signs and see all the families of the people Ian had mentioned in his letters.

The loooooooooooooooong wait

Ian's uncle Scott made fun of us for our "low tech" sign and showed off the one he made for him on his google phone. I thought it was pretty clever...

I must say, although I tease them about it all the time, I'm really glad Ian's parents and sister are such talented photographers and have such a knack for capturing the perfect moments. Like this one for instance:

That's the look he had on his face the first time I saw him. And I'm pretty sure if there was a picture of me, it would look about the same. I was radiant.

Us just a few minutes after seeing each other for the first time in 2 years.

The first thing he wanted to eat after being out of the country for that long was, of course, Chinese food. I'm never opposed to that idea, so we headed down to Murray to go get some. He spent lots of time talking about being a missionary and different things he did while in Argentina. It was fun to listen to him talk about all those great memories.

Sitting next to each other at lunch

Our hands just happened to be in the same place at the same time.

We spent the rest of the day visiting with friends and catching up on episodes of The Office that he hadn't seen yet. And maybe cuddling just a little bit... He might've kissed me later that night too.... :)

We went snowboarding on Thursday. Snowboarding's kind of our thing. It's where we had the most "couple moments" before we were actually dating. A lot of my favorite memories of him involve us up on the slopes. It was such a great day!

pretty much my new favorite picture EVER!

I didn't take any pictures of Friday and Saturday, but they were so great too. Mostly filled with watching movies and eating lots of high calorie foods... Pizza at the Pi in Salt Lake on Friday, and Cheeseburgers at JCW's for lunch today. (Do you see why I love him?) I can't even express to you how amazing these last four days have been. We have this whole new thing going and I'm loving every minute of it. He's so incredibly kind, considerate, funny, spontaneous, and handsome. (I mean really, who could resist those dark brown eyes?) I'm so lucky to be in love with my very best friend. I'll keep you updated on all of our crazy adventures; I'm sure there will be lots.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

oh yeah, my blog

Well, it's been like 4 months since I've posted anything on this blog. I guess I haven't had much in the way of exciting things happening to keep you updated on. I suppose I have some pictures or something...

We went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert again this year. As always, they completely outdid themselves!

Carter girls waiting for the show to start

Cute Mom and Dad

Thanksgiving was the next day. We drove out to Zion's and ate lots of good food. Unfortunately, I took two pictures:

Grandma and Grandpa Biesinger

Ian and Beau will be best friends till their dead! (probably after too!)

No pictures of Christmas this year... Sorry folks! I got some cool stuff though...

Curtis came home on December 30. We've been having lots of fun going on adventures, like roasting marshmallows on his stove top and watching some of the movies he missed while he was gone. He and his roommate even let me practice drawing blood:

Anyone else think he looks a little pale?

I always knew he was a true friend. :)

Now I'm just spending a lot of time around the house, job hunting, and trying not to go insane. 8 more days till this guy comes home:

and I can't wait!! I'll post more about that later. (with more exciting pictures this time I promise) Hope 2010's going really well for everyone so far!