Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary to us!

I can't believe it's been 2 years already! We decided to skip town this year, and took a week-long cruise to Mexico. It was absolutely fabulous, and I'm avoiding real life by blogging about it. I usually catalog my trips each day in my journal, but I didn't do that this time around and decided to blog instead. I'll just warn you now, this post might be a little long.

We drove to St. George on Saturday and stayed over night at Grandma's, then drove the rest of the way on Sunday morning. It was a pretty uneventful drive except for a stop for gas in Barstow.

We splurged a little for the Oceanview room, and I'm SO glad we did. We ended up following a storm into Puerto Vallarta, so it was some pretty rocky sailing. It was nice to be able to look out the window and watch  the water. It was also good to know what time of day it was.

 The Queen Mary next to our boat.

Getting ready to sail away!

 Off to Mexico!

The first two days were "A day at sea" as they like to call it. We mostly laid out on the deck and read, ate, and did a few activities on the boat. We had a little cabin fever by the end.

Wandering around on the mini-golf course.
I loved having dinner each night on the cruise. Our waiter remembered our names and our dining preferences. Ian ordered a steak and Armando, our waiter, said, "Medium rare, right?" I was impressed. It was also fun to get to know all the people at our table. One couple was even from Ogden. Small world!

Ian has a knack for catching the worst photos of me...

 Armando was also an excellent dancer.

Puerto Vallarta was the first port we got to. It was a beautiful city, but after 3 days of solid rain there, it was overwhelmingly HOT and MUGGY! We had a great day, though. The original plan was to go to the beach, but Ian negotiated a deal with one of those guys who sells excursions on the pier so we could go on a zipline canopy tour for $40! How could we not?? Hind-sight we probably should've gone in something other than swim suits, but what can ya do? We rode in this sketchy van without seatbelts to the place. As we were driving I asked Ian, "Does any of this remind you of Argentina?" It wasn't until we drove by the most ghetto parts of town that he started to see familiar sights.


"Is that Danny DeVito?" -Ian

 He wanted to take the parrot home.

 I must've rubbed up against the cable at some point.
Tribal tattoo, maybe?

Sailing away from Puerto Vallarta

Thursday and Friday we were in Cabo San Lucas. I went there with Ian's parents and sister on my last cruise, and it was so fun to go back with Ian. We spent the first day on the beach, and shopped the 2nd day. I guess the water is too shallow for the boat to dock in Cabo, so they have a tender that takes people from the boat to the pier. It was a bumpy ride!

 We were on the Carnival Splendor

 Ah! Waves! His face kills me in this pic!

 The pirate ship heading to attack our cruise ship.

 Tropical fish in the water

 Apparently Cabo is known for its massive waves. Wow!

 The famous arch

 Pancho, the lone sea lion that we saw. 

 The view from our spot on the beach.
 I insisted we buy a beach umbrella before we left. 
Best idea I've ever had, truly.

 The very persistent table serenade people. 
I'll tell you, people in Cabo are not shy about asking for tips for the smallest things.
It got a little annoying.

There was a chocolate buffet on our way back. How could I resist? 
Just FYI, a chocolate apple is not the same as a caramel apple, and is much more difficult to eat.

 We spent most of our evenings here. They had 4 different comedians. 
Some were better than others, but we had fun sitting with our virgin drinks and laughin' it up.

And who could forget the cute little towel animals that they leave on your bed every night?

 Just getting off the boat. I was so bummed to be going home... :(

The last day back in California was one of my favorite days of the whole trip! Our friends Cinthya and Creggan go out there every summer for an internship, so they took our car for the week, and spent the day showing us the sights. They live at Oakwood apartments, which is kind of famous. I even saw an MTV special about it. They see Jay Leno every so often and apparently Hilary Duff moved there when she first came to Hollywood. They're right in the heart of the action with WB and Universal Studios right across the street. Lucky ducks!

 Ian with Sassy

 The stars of Harry Potter and their teeny feet.

 Robert Downey Jr. 

 Hugh Jackman

 Struttin' our stuff in Hollywood.

 Shopping center at Hollywood and Highland.

 Us with the teeny tiny Hollywood sign in the background.

 Oooh, Hollywood!

 I thought this store was ironic because we were there on June 24, 
the furthest day away from Christmas.

 Hollywood and Highland. Straight out of the movies!

 Captain America is Creggan's favorite super hero. :)

 The Chinese theater

Making our best Lucy faces

 We had authentic Greek gyros and kebabs for lunch. 
So good! I'm so glad they talked me out of going for pizza!

 It's just a little Mom and Pop shop in downtown Burbank.

 Yacko, Wacko and Dot's house.

On our way home, the traffic in the opposite direction was solid from Barstow to the state line. 
I'm so glad we were headed north.

It was a great week! I'm ready for my next trip now...

Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memory...

I'm glad we don't have too many of these to go visit this year.
Love you, Grandpa. 
Thanks for taking care of us from far away.