Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's taken far too long for me to post this but it's finally time! Worth the wait right? Saturday nights are shaping up to be rather great lately. Last night, some great family friends of ours took us snowmobiling up in Park City. Their family owns all the land that that Canyon's snow resort is on, and about 20 snowmobiles. It's a great combination. I had so much fun! I'd never been snowmobiling before so I was a little nervous at first but gradually I was able to relax and just have tons of fun. It's so awesome to have such great friends! Thanks guys!

The fam at the top. Well, those of us who went anyway...

Plug your ears... yeah I'm special...

Our awesome friends, Perry and Maria. Love 'em!

Hugging. aw, love! :)

Getting ready to leave. Does Ian not look like a lego guy
to you guys? I think it's hilarious!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My first Jazz game

So, let me tell you why I freakin' LOVE my job! The owner of our store and the Orem store has season tickets to the Jazz, third row, center court. Right where all the action is. Well, this morning he gave the guys and I the tickets to tonight's game! It was tons of fun and I'll probably never be able to go to another Jazz game again because it'll never be the same! We got the VIP treatment, had prime rib for dinner in the VIP lounge, not to mention I got to stare at Kyle Korver from 10 feet away.... He is simply delicious!! The Jazz did end up losing 108-118 (ouch!) but it was still tons of fun! Thanks Steve and Karon for a great night at the game!!

Proof that I was, in fact, on the court (with the blurry guy's head behind me).

Kyle Korver shooting a free throw.

Deron Williams shooting a free throw and the ball about to go in.

Monday, April 6, 2009

one month...

So, it's officially been one month since Ian and I became official. I know, not a really long time but I'm really excited about it. What a great month! I'm so happy to have him in my life (and most days still can't believe I've gotten so lucky!) and I grow more attached to him every single day. Happy Anniversary babe!

Our true personalities... :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New obsession

Can you believe it? This one's actually not about Ian. I know, right? So weird. Anyway, I was reminded after watching American Idol tonight (I usually don't but it was just on tonight so I did...) how much I freaking love David Cook. His album's gone platinum in three months and I can totally see why! These two songs are probably my faves of the ones I've heard. Maybe American Idol isn't glorified karaoke after all...


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