Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giving the Academy a Raincheck

I just finished my 7-page paper for English last night. I remember now why I decided to do a 180 from English to Nursing as my major in high school. Anyway, it's been an interesting 2 weeks. We live in a hotel now. Yeah. I'm trying to be positive about it but to be 100% honest, I pretty much hate it. Although, the one good thing about it is free cable and internet. Good thing we're moving to our next city on Sunday, huh?

We've had a pretty fun week this week. Last Saturday was our 1-year anniversary. I know, crazy huh? Ian had to work but I did pick him up so we could go out for Chinese food and catch a late movie. At least we could say we had a little bit of fun on our actual anniversary day.

Ian took the day off on Monday, and we went to the Texas State Aquarium. We saw some awesome fish and wildlife, and I couldn't believe all of them came from the Gulf of Mexico, or The United States. And we actually took some pictures. I know, can you believe it?!

 Me in front of the entrance. The blue shirt wasn't planned...


 My cute hubby loved the seahorses. Love him!

 A lionfish

A shark. He was pretty cool. 

This is a hawk-headed parrot. You could tell he was used to having his picture taken. 
He totally posed for that picture. 

 Ian loved the turtles. He was missing his turtle Tommy.

Jellyfish. They're totally mesmerizing to watch.

The USS Lexington 

 Me in front of the Lexington

 Corpus Christi Bay and skyline

 We went to the Dolphin show. It was pretty lame actually...

 Another sea turtle. He was waving at us.

Proof that we were actually there. Love this guy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another Cool one

Thank you Facebook!

With all the CRAP that's on the radio....

I'm glad there's still these guys.
If you haven't heard of them, you should fall in love like everyone else.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Time to write

I started English 2010 today. It is a BEAST! 7 writing projects, and 5 chapters to read, and that's just what's due by Wednesday. I know, right? Anyway, the point of that was that I may or may not have as much time to blog as I would like over the next little while, so this might be the last you hear from me for a few weeks. I know, all three of you are sad... Probably not, but maybe. I've had a pretty good week. I got a 90% on my history test (my history major sister would be proud!), and got a sunburn and subsequent tan line at the beach for memorial day.

The guys have a certain number of sales they have to make every week before the company buys dinner for everyone, and they made it this week, so Ian and I got to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Saturday. YUM!

And last night we had dinner with Ian's boss and his wife, which is one of my good friends here. It was so fun, and a nice change for a Sunday.

So, ya know when someone changes their relationship status to "Engaged" on Facebook, the first thing everyone says is "Congratulations! You'll love married life, it's the best!" They say it, because it's so true. Ian and I were in the kitchen this morning, sharing half a tube of cookie dough (it was going to go bad...) and drinking milk out of a bowl because we had no clean glasses, when this thought occurred to me. It's simple moments like that, that just make me love being married. Yeah, it's fun to be out on our own taking care of ourselves, and having adventures, but what it really boils down to is that I have my best friend in the whole world to eat cookie dough with forever.

All too often what seems to keep people from taking the plunge is the fact that they think haven't experienced or progressed enough as a single person to think about getting married. What I've realized over the last year though, is that married people who are willing to stick it out together are two halves of a whole that is unstoppable. There's a reason The Lord says in Genesis: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."  

Ian and I have fallen into typical husband and wife roles a lot more since we've been here. I noticed it before, but I see now how true this is. We each bring specific things to our relationship that make both of us stronger and better than either could be on our own. It occurred to me that the reason exaltation is only achievable after a person is sealed in the temple probably has something to do with this. When you marry the right person, under the right authority, at the right time, and apply the lesson in seminary where the teacher draws a triangle that says "Husband, Wife, God" at each point, you reach your full potential much more easily. You become God-like... Just a thought.