Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh how I love it!

"He put my stuff in Jello again!"

Oh you guys! I bought all the seasons of the office on Friday and have since spent my life watching episodes over and over. I'm driving my family nuts because I keep quoting it after anyone says anything. (Yes. It is true. I, Michael Scott, am signing up with an online dating service. Thousands of people have done it, and I am going to do it. I need a username, and... I have a great one. "Little Kid Lover". That way people will know exactly where my priorities are at.)
Let me just say that I'm so glad I got into it during season 3 when the whole Jim/Pam drama was on pause because I would've been so mad watching season 2 without knowing they were going to end up together in the end. Who ever thought you could have such a vested interest in fictional characters? I'm so addicted it's not even funny! In fact, I think I'm gonna go watch an episode right now.

Took me by surprise

Wow! I don't even know what to say to this...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sick to my stomach

Life is fragile. I think it's something that we all take for granted sometimes. And it seems like when we do, the Lord sends reminders that shock us back into reality. My Mom and I were driving home from Kohl's last night and we passed by the scene of what we were both positive was a fatal accident. I didn't see much but what I did see shook me up pretty bad for the rest of the night. My sister called this morning and told us that one of her best friends was in the accident. I've heard a bunch of different versions of what actually happened so I'm not quite sure about the details. She was life-flighted to U of U hospital (which is not a good sign, her injuries must've been extensive) but her little sister was pronounced dead at the scene. My heart is just aching for her family right now! But the silver lining to these horribly gray clouds is my testimony of the atonement and the plan of salvation. How grateful I am to have that knowledge and for a deeply loving Heavenly Father who takes an awful tragedy like this one and turns it into a growing experience for all who are involved. Buckle up and drive safe guys, this is one experience I would hate to relive.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yeah, I'm jealous

So, I'm not meaning for this to turn into a blog just about Ian but he told me a cool story and I was pretty excited so I thought I'd share it will the three of you who take the time to read this blog (you know who you are!). Here it is in his words:

"I met a rather amazing fellow last Friday. I think you might be familiar with him. His name is Russel M. Nelson. He´s kinda old and is a retired Surgeon, but super cool. If you´ve not figured it out by now, he´s an Apostle of the Lord. One of the 12. He came to our mission to talk to us and it was way super cool. Because unlike when Elder Holland came, there was few enough of us that it was a lot more of a relaxed environment. (I have no idea how to spell things in english anymore...) We all got to shake his hand and everything. It is really really special, when an Apostle of the Lord is shaking your hand, and then looks you in the eyes and thanks you for your work. I´m the one that should be thanking him. Not the other way around. It really was pretty amazing."

I'm really glad he takes the time to share experiences like this. I don't know if he realizes how much it helps me. Missions are so cool! I love being a missionary slut!

I'm not exactly sure who's all in this picture. All I know is Elder Jardine's on the far right and Elder Anderson is the guy in the back on the left (you can only see his eyes). And of course, Elder Nelson and Elder Harwell are in the middle, just in case you missed that one.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old Year's resolutions

Elder Marion G. Romney said in a talk awhile ago that the key to being successful while you're single is to set goals for yourself and reevaluate as necessary. So you know how people make New Year's resolutions every year but then forget about them in February? Well, this year I decided to make a list of goals I want to accomplish before the end of this year. Hopefully if I give myself a deadline, it'll be a little more effective. Here's the list:

1. Run a 7-minute mile (don't laugh!)

2. Eat more vegetables than I do junk food every day.

3. Have $2,000 in the bank

That's about all for now. I'll keep you updated as I set more.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Ian!

So it's my best friend in the entire world's birthday today. Actually, it's not anymore for him because Argentina is 3 hours ahead of us but it's still his birthday here so I thought just to try something new I'd write a post about him. I suppose I just wanted to let everyone know how truly grateful I am for such a great friend. It's funny how he's gone from being "that one guy I see at school sometimes" to my best friend. I remember specific nights when I lived in St. George where I would call him bawling about something that totally wasn't worth all the tears (I'm a little dramatic sometimes) and he would drop everything to talk to me, whether it was for a few minutes, an hour or all night. It made the transition and all the stressful stuff that comes with being an adult so much easier to handle. I can tell him anything and I'm pretty sure he can too and it doesn't seem to matter that we're 5,818 miles apart. I found that out on google maps by the way, it's pretty much the coolest website ever. So thanks, Ian, for being such a stud and always taking such good care of me. You're the best!

PS I thought it would be kind of cool to post pictures from his actual mission just because it's something I've never done before.

Just doin some tracting. :)

With his bishop and family