Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Corian Adventures

So, I'm not doing so hot with this whole blog posting thing. It's been a good month and a half. I've been busy with wedding plans, job hunting, my externship at North Valley Pediatrics in AF, and of course hanging out with my amazing fiancé. We've been doing lots of fun things, but not taking lots of pictures (I know, his family would be ASHAMED!). We did go to the festival of Colors down at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple in Spanish Fork with our friends Braden and Lexi. It was so crazy! We were covered from head to toe in pink chalk. I had no idea there would be so much. It was basically a cloud of color that covered us for about 2 minutes. Here's some pictures:

Me after all the colors. That shirt was white when I started...

Lexi, Braden, Me, Ian after all the throwing.

We were shocked at how much there was! It was CRAZY!

The 4 of us in the crowd.

Everyone getting covered in color!

Good times! good times!