Sunday, January 25, 2015

The last one.

Jillian really should've been first, since her birthday is the first one of the year, but I started with Meg.

It's Jillian's 20th birthday.

Jilly and some lovable puppies.
Mom: Jilly has lived this life on her own terms and in her own timing. She's smart, driven, fun, beautiful, and inspiring. I found out early to give her what she needs and get out of her way and enjoy what she does. I expect the same from here on. Can't wait to watch your amazing life unfold from this point forward. Love you. Glad I'm your Mama.

Jillian with Mom and Dad after her performance for the MoTab Christmas Concert.
 Dad: My little Jilly Bop is all grown up now, but will always be my little Jilly Bop. She came into this world with a smile on her face and hasn't stopped smiling for 20 years. She completed our family in so many ways, and has never seen a challenge she couldn't conquer! Thanks for being my dance mentor, and now my workout buddy! I love you so much and am so very proud of you!

My favorite picture of Jillian and me.
Cori: You are just the greatest. I would look like a hag without your great hair and makeup advice. You take on any challenge and make it look easy, no matter what it is. I love your zeal for life. I was thinking today that you were also baptized 12 years ago today. I remember when at the end, you were so touched by everything that had happened, you just started bawling. Everyone was congratulating you with your bright red face. You have always been wise beyond your years. Happy Birthday, little sis! Love you!

Ian: The big two Oh! Nice! One more year until you can drink, but decide not to. Its a good time to be alive. You always manage to keep things happy and cheerful and are always up for family activities. Keep living the dream and having fun. Hope you have a happy birthday!

I found this gem today.

Megan: Jillian is one of my favorite people on the planet. She knows how to work hard and play hard. One time, Jill put her legs through the sleeves of her hoodie and hobbled around on her butt. We were all crying, we were laughing so hard. I will always think of her when someone mentions nail polish or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. :) I look up to her in so many ways.

Jillian was the doll in The Nutcracker one year.
 Bud: Jill and I have gotten really close over the course of our junior high and high school years. Heck, we live in the same apartment complex right now. I love hanging out, laughing, and just being our weird selves together. It's been great seeing her grow up into the strong-rooted woman she is, even though she will always feel like she should be 14 to me. What can I ay? I love Jill. Here's to another great one, baby sis.

She looks pretty in every picture I've ever seen.

Jill's close up at the concert.

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